Acento Bane is the Counterpart of Lord X-Giga-X who dwells in the Hole of Ultimate Doom.


Standing at about 6'2", Acento Bane has bluish-gray skin. His right eye is red and his left eye is blue. He has green hair which is similar to the hair of Terra (character from the Kingdom Hearts series), the only difference being three strands of hair which covers parts of his forehead. Immediately below his eyes are two green, triangular markings.

He wears a sleeveless purple shirt, which bears a large, black Ω. This covers up a dark grey, striped long-sleeve shirt. His pants are also grey and striped, and appear to be ripped at the bottom. He wears a utility belt, which he uses to carry his death ray. On both hands, he wears black, fingerless gloves with holes in the back to allow dark energy to flow out of his hands. He wears iron boots on his feet. The most noticeable part of his outfit is his black cape. Occasionally, Acento will allow his cape to fall into bad condition, usually being excessively torn or having huge holes in it.



Like his counterpart, Acento has a familiar that is an Armored Wyvern who has hydra blood (named Bratos). Later on, he gains an Aura Guardian and a Pyrespine.

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An ability similar to Lord X-Giga-X's X-Impery, Acento has the ability to manipulate the greek letter Ω.


  • Stone of Advancing: Acento has a Stone of Advancing given to him by his counterpart. With it, he is able to allow Bratos to enter his Advanced Form. However, unlike his counterpart, Acento has been unable to discover Dragon Hypos, and as a result, Bratos has yet to enter his Hypos Form.

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