The annual Cult Christmas Party is a celebration that was started by Ziolang. Every year, a different host is selected. During the party, all participants are allowed to use the Floating Vending Machine (FVM) to gain one ability.

Christmas 2010Edit

Ziolang played the host for the first ever Cult Christmas Party, which began the tradition. The celebration took place on December 8, 2010. Participants who used the Floating Vending Machine to acquire an ability are as follows...

Participant - FVM ability granted

Kudamon - Telepathy

Lord X-Giga-X - X-mancy

Ziolang Hirasu (Host) - Trashmancy

Darkmaster - Silver Resistance

Jude - The Force

Jack - Intangibility

TheFallenOne - Objectmancy

Starr - Psychic Powers

Gaga - Shapeshifting

Kryo - Flirting

Baroque - Control Over Vampire Polar Bears

Eebit - White Hole Creation

Shadow - Danmaku Making (later discarded)

Barky - Ability to turn into a tree

Giag - Summon Beef

Christmas 2011Edit

Starr has been appointed host for this party. We await the time...