The Armored Wyvern(Latin name Draco Loricatus) is a large species of dragon, or more specifically Wyvern.


Armored Wyverns are very large, sometimes standing at about fifty feet tall- not how long. From snout to tailtip, it may often match the length of the Icestorm Glider. They have two legs and two powerful wings as all Wyverns, and covering their back and wings are thick mithril plated for protection, earning the species its name. Similar plates form a helmet of sorts on its head. Armored Wyverns have thick but flexible tails, and are usually dull brown or red in color.


Armored Wyverns are an old species that dates back to the time of the Firedrake. They evolved for sheer size and strength, and while they are less agile and slower than other species of Wyvern, they more than make up for it. The Armored Wyvern bred with the Firedrake to give rise to the Plated Firedrake.


Armored Wyverns prefer rocky areas such as mountains and deserts. They have long-ranging territories that span for miles. This species likes warm locations more than cold and will most often be found in temporate mountains and hills and deserts. They aren't exclusively found on Euthora- some have been found on Earth. Whether the species is native to either is unknown.


By dragon standards, Armored Wyverns are aggressive but not as aggressive as most Firedrakes. They usually travel in mated pairs and look after their young as most species do. They can, however, be territorial and will mercilessly defend their homes against intruders.


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