Cassiel, Kuthian's counterpart.

Cassiel is a Shadow Drake and Kuthian's counterpart.


Cassiel is brazen and bold and won't hesitate to defend his allies or cause a fight; he spends most of his time hunting or honing his fighting skills. He's relatively reclusive, preferring to stay alone near his cavern on Dragon's Head Peninsula, but he can be called upon to aid Deathstorm or Charos at any time.


Currently unknown for the most part, as he isn't inclined to share his life story, but the Cult met him and Charos during their first encounter with Drake Kuro, where the two Shadow Drakes had been captured


Hydromancy: Cassiel is able to control the element of water. He uses this in a variety of ways, such as to drown his opponents or freeze them. This power allows him to influence the weather and breathe underwater.

Shadowmancy: As a Shadow Drake, he holds darkness at his command and can use it in a way similar to Lord X-Giga-X.

Pyromancy: Another trait he gains as a Shadow Drake, he can call and command fire, usually as a breath weapon.

Shadow Bond: The signature ability of the Shadow Drake, he grows in power when other Shadow Drakes are near.