Cosmic Meteor Dexus, more commonly known as Dexus, is a Nebula dragon under the ownership of Lord X-Giga-X.



Advanced FormEdit

Most of Dexus's body is coated in rock-like armor, giving off the appearance that he is a meteor. The only other notable difference is that Dexus's body glows a bright, white instead of purple.

Hypos FormEdit

The rock-like armor he wears in his Advanced form transforms into solid iron. In addition, the iron forms artifical arms, allowing Dexus to unleash a barrage of punches on his opponents.



Fighting StyleEdit

Strengths and ImmunitiesEdit

Weaknesses and FearsEdit



The Adventurous Exploits of Dexus and NexusEdit

A Slave to Drake KuroEdit

Several seconds after Drake Kuro and Lord X-Giga-X had brutally defeated the cult, Dexus and Nexus came upon Kuro's castle in the mountains. Upon reaching the entrance of the castle, they were ambushed by Helix and Volant. Neither Dexus or Nexus were given the chance to strike back at their opponents, but Nexus gave Dexus the opportunity to escape by attempting to hold the two off. Dexus, while reluctant to do so, took the opportunity, and fled to the northwest. However, Dexus's escape didn't last as long as he had hoped, as when he landed after fleeing from the brutal ambush, he was suddenly attacked by Lord X-Giga-X, becoming a slave to his dracomancy.

Now a slave to Kuro through his control over Lord X-Giga-X, he was commanded to wait at the castle while he sent Helix, Volant, and Faryx to lure the cult there.

An Ally to the CultEdit


  • Dexus is the only dragon of the cult who was under Drake Kuro's control and joined the cult soon after being freed.

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