Counterparts are creatures who are the representatives of another creature, often looking alike or having the same powers. They can be from alternate dimensions or be created.


Counterparts usually have the same personalities as each other, though depending on the environment they live in, certain aspects of that personality may be brought to better light or hidden away. For example, Pyrros, who is the counterpart of Deathstorm, lives in an environment where he rules alongside Ilatrya and Kuthian, so his arrogance is shown more, as is his leadership. His home also is an area where it is absolutely vital that one must be able to defend themselves, and so through years of having to fight for survival his skills are sharper and he is more merciless. However, in some cases- especially in created counterparts- the personalities may be entirely opposite.

Dimensional CounterpartsEdit

The Hole of Ultimate DoomEdit

The most famous counterpart dimension is the Hole of Ultimate Doom, which is parallel to Euthora or, more notably, Ustream. Both worlds are fully aware of the other and have been known to work together, most notably when Acento Bane aided the cult in The Dark Traitor. HoUD counterparts always look the same as their representatives in Euthora, have the same(though usually stronger) powers, and more or less the same personalities. Experiments do not have HoUD counterparts as they are created and not born.

Known HoUD CounterpartsEdit

Created CounterpartsEdit

Created counterparts are often the result of spells or failed experiments, and may have a variety of differences with the original. Created counterparts usually have personalities completely opposite of the original individual, may have opposite powers, and quite often want to kill the one they represent, if only to take out a threat or absorb the original's power as their own.

Known Created CounterpartsEdit

  • Lunaa created by the Grenians. Clone of Starrmalia