Welcome to the Cult of UstreamEdit

Welcome to a mess of running jokes and epic timing, where Flame Claw will never be Admin and we tell people they killed their brother by accident. [Ridiculously High Chance of LOL]

--Taken from the Chatzy information [1]

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The Cult of UstreamEdit

The Cult of Ustream is a roleplaying community originating on the live broadcast website known as Ustream, with its roots drawing from Pokémon Acanthite Forums. Originally it was just a small circle of friends chatplaying and battling monsters in a Colosseum, but soon more members joined and the cult expanded. Not long after, the community took to a forum on Create MyBB, then made a new chatroom on Chatzy. The old forum was abandoned due to glitches in the system, and they moved to CoUF2. For a time, they stayed stable on their forum, but due to activity and memberbase issues merged with ZEJ Roleplaying, and later abandoned Chatzy due to lag for an IRC channel.

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