The Darkwing Firedrake(Latin name Draco Ignus Noctis) is a descendent of the Firedrake, a species of dragon currently thought to be extinct.


Darkwing Firedrakes are large, lean, powerfully built dragons, their tail accounting for up to two thirds their entire length. They have four horns, two longer than the others, which sweep back and slightly upwards. A thin silver membrane connects the horns and crest. Their jawlines are spiked, and a silver arrow-like marking adorns the front of their eyes, which are slit-pupilled and luminous. The tail, neck, and limbs carry silver collar-like rings and the tip of the tail holds four large, sharp silver blades. Silver fans decorate their back and limbs and the tips of the leading edges of their wingsbare usually silver. Beyond the silver decorative markings, Darkwing Firedrakes are always a dark color, to blend in with the shadows as they hunt.


Like all Firedrake species, the Darkwing Firedrake originated when the Firedrake began to breed with other species after its population took a sharp drop. It is unclear exactly which species contributed to the creation of the Darkwing, however its temper and abilities suggest that the Shadow Drake had something to do with it.


Darkwing Firedrakes live in warm mountains, almost always inland though they have been spotted near the coast. They have large territories and will often kill any dragon or humanoid that passes through, other than a potential mate. Oddly, Darkwings have never been seen outside of Ustream and its neighboring regions.


Darkwing Firedrakes are highly aggressive and territorial, and the hatchlings often fight amongst themselves, even known to kill each other or attack their own parents. This leads to the young dragons spending less time with their parents than most species, only about six years before they leave the nest.

Darkwing Firedrakes lead solitary lives until they mate. While the parents do stay together to raise their offspring, they usually split up after the young go off to establish their own territories. Typically, the male chases the smaller female out of the area.

In the very rare case that a Darkwing Firedrake is tamed by a dracomancer, they have been shown to be impulsive and slightly reckless, fearing nothing and never admitting to being wrong. They are often incredibly loyal and protective of their dracomancer, though on rare occasions they may resent their masters and attack at any opportunity.

Darkwing Firedrakes tend to go after any prey, whether it be deer or fish or even humans.


As descendents of the Firedrake, Darkwing Firedrakes are immune to fire and may have a limited control over the element itself. Also, as the species name suggests, Darkwing Firedrakes have an innate Shadowmancy, though they are often self-trained in a limited range of abilities using darkness to their advantage.

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