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Travelling mercenary from 8036, brought back by Darkmaster.

Dennis Matthews is a Lycan pyromancer and counterpart to Jude brought back from 8036 along with Jack and Jude. Commonly found following Jude around destroying stuff, he isn't the most frequently-appearing Lycan ally of Darkmaster. Like Jude, however, his pyromancy is quite advanced, rivalling that of Ziolang. However, unlike Ziolang, he is not a Demon, instead belonging to the same sub-race as Jude -- demigods.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Dennis is a 7'8" tall red-furred Lycan weighing in at around 275 pounds. He can't wear a shirt, because of his exceptionally high body temperature, which is measured at 500 degrees Celsius. Instead, he wears fireproof pants.


Dennis has what some would call a very destructive personality, and he makes this quite plain every time he shows up. Preferring obvious explosive destruction of property to subtlety, he isn't very useful in situations that require sneaking around. Despite this, he is usually very polite, choosing never to swear.


  • Pyromancy: Though he prefers not to call it this, much like Jude's not admitting that his power is known as Hydromancy, he is a very skilled Pyromancer.


  • Flame Edge Claymore: His trademark elemental claymore, the blade lloks to be made of fire itself.


  • Dennis does not make things explode by spontaneous combustion, he makes a small (microscopic) compressed fireball in front of his target then expands it at a rapid rate.