Draco Maxima is an old Golden Firedrake. He was a Fyreborne before leaving to Ustream.




Fighting StyleEdit


Maxima CannonEdit

Draco Maxima's most powerful attack. He transforms his hands into golden cannons, from which he unleashes an amount of the energy stored in his scales in the form of a wide cannon blast.

Self Advanced Formation/Dragon HyposEdit

Since his scales are the source of every Stone of Advancing in existence, Draco Maxima can use his own scales to push himself into Advanced and Hypos forms. Only difference is that he can use a select number of his scales when he does so, increasing the power of his ascended forms, but severely decreasing the time he stays in those forms.

Strengths and ImmunitiesEdit

Weaknesses and FearsEdit





Escape to UstreamEdit


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