Dragon's Head Peninsula is an area of Ustream's west coast.


Dragon's Head Peninsula is, as the name suggests, a peninsula in the shape of a dragon's head. It is located several miles west of Cult Headquarters near the southernmost part of Ustream's west coast. While there are sheer cliffs on the northern part, most of the peninsula is beach and grassland. The shoreline is ragged and rocky in areas, and the nearby ocean gets very deep very quickly. The cliffs on this peninsula are dotted with caves and the occasional pillar of stone. At the top of the cliffs is a lake that cascades into a waterfall pond near a particularly large cave.

Residents and WildlifeEdit

The Shadow Drake Cassiel claims this area and the nearby waters as his territory. He is the only sentient inhabitant of Dragon's Head Peninsula, but lives alongside the seabirds and sea life that live in his domain. Albatross and gulls are common sights in the skies, as are pelicans. They and the resident dragon hunt the schools of fish that swarm near the surface in the morning, and sharks and dolphins alike have been spotted nearby. Occasionally a forest animal will cross the river that seperates Dragon's Head Peninsula from the forest in the north where Charos's Castle is situated, but they rarely stay long, either going north to the forest, east to the grassland where Cult Headquarters is located, or down the throat of Cassiel, who gets tired of eating fish and birds all the time.