Erahvs is a clone of Kudamon that was first created between the storylines of The Dark Traitor and CoU4 by Aegis, and was later resurrected by Helix in his own, altered image. Erahvs was the antagonist of CoU4 and later helped the cult in CoU5.


Erahvs looks exactly like Kudamon, with one difference. Instead of having Jase's black hair, Erahvs has white hair.


Erahvs has the ability to absorb the powers of other people. Through this power, he gained the powers of the following people:

In other words, Erahvs also has dracomancy and mastery over earth, wind, water, lightning, ice, fire, and darkness. In addtion, he has the ability to shapeshift, teleport, and use the Maxima Cannon ability.