Flame Claw is a mysterious being who appeared on Earth after being rejected from the Red Moon. He wanted a page on the wiki because everyone else has one, despite the fact he doesn't actually belong to the Cult.


It is believed that Flame Claw hatched from an egg in 27 BC however did not live a regular childhood due to being burned by the Sacred Fire (the Red Moon's equivalent of cryogenic freezing). Whilst Flame Claw does not have any known relatives, he is thought to have had a relationship with fellow Red Moon resident Lucy Flare when he was 14 years of age.


Flame Claw is a strong believer in Fangkingism, a religion devoted to the worship of the Fangking.


Flame Claw worked as a card faker full time from 2005 to late 2010, however still makes fakes occasionally since his retirement. He has been regularly visiting the Acanthite lounge since it first formed, hoping to somehow get his name in the credits despite not putting any work towards the project. He joined the new Cult of Ustream forums in early 2011 and is proving to be just as unuseful there.

Flame has had some other jobs to fill his time, such as appearing in the Cult of Ustream chat under different aliases until he feels he has tormented the other chat users enough or he accidently reveals himself by uttering his catchphrase - "that's how I roll". He is also known to throw random Beatles references into conversations.