Georion` Harri (Gee-Oh-Ree-On) is the sky serpent god of Reincarnation and Happiness. He is one of the 4 Beatlegods. He is also a less known CP character, since he has made very little appearences. Georion, Unlike his brothers, Is a Neutral god- He is neither good or evil.

Georion` Harri


The Beatlegods/ Low order of gods. Neither with or against the cult.




Rion`: Oldest Brother

Johion`: Older Brother

Pauion`: Older Brother

Areonie: Creator.


The Mystic East


Georion's personality is rather complex due to it's common changes. Georion can sometimes act very quiet and mysterious. Other times, He could act very sarcastic and rude. Georion's Personality often changes with whomever he is with at the time.


The begining of the Beatlegod Arc

(Made no appearances whatsoever.)

The middle of the Beatlegod arc, Following Johion` and Pauion`:

At the time when Rion attempted to kill Gaga for the second time, Georion` made his first appearence as a very quiet sky serpent god. He stood beside Johion` and Pauion` as Johion` was explaining to the cult who Rion` was. Then Georion made his first important appearance when Rion used Gaga and Kryo's power to distroy the cult. Georion sadly went against the cult, and attacked them. After that, Georion` made little appearances, not saying one word.

The end of the Beatlegod arc, Witnessing Rion`'s death:

At the time when Rion` was given great power by Areonie, Georion` made his biggest appearance as a rather sarcastic yet, quiet sky serpent. But once Rion` combined with Georion` and the rest of the Beatlegods, Georion` seriously had enough. Breaking the bond that held Rioncoune together, Georion refused to help Rion` when he was about to meet his doom.

Nocturne arc, Part two:

Info on this will be added once part two comes out~

Pepperland arc (Non-Cannon.):

Georion` makes a brief appearance in this arc, offering Galiagh and Blue a ride up Shears mountain to rescue Waldo and George.


1. Georion` can transform into his human form, Which is a Sargent Pepper era George Harrison. But only with Orange/Red eyes, instead of Brown.

2. Georion` Harri is another spelling of George Harrison.

3. Georion` has only had one encounter with George Harrison at Giga's Birthday party. Both George Harrison and Georion` Harri had similar personalities, yet, They had no idea who they were.

4. Georion` is often seen as a second Rion`, Due to their bond.

5. Georion` has some jealousy towards Leighton because he was made into a god of what he called a "Useless Power." And was outranked.

6. Since Georion` is a spiritual copy of George Harrison, he is automatically the spiritual father of Elli` and blue. Making them partial Demi-gods.

Quotes by Georion`Edit

"..Uh...What Paui said..."- Georion` telling Rion` that he wont help him.

"Aye, I could hear you two bicker 3 worlds away!"- Georion` with Rion` and Johion`.

"Now if you'll excuse me...I'll be reincarnating Ghandi.."- Georion` Leaving when Fallen became a god.