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Giag is a clone of Lord X-Giga-X that came into existence as the result of one of his cloning experiments gone wrong. However, Giag looks nothing like Lord X-Giga-X. Giag is also the fiancé of Gaga and the father of Kryo.


There are obvious differences between Giag and Lord X-Giga-X. For instance, Giag's hair is colored a dark purple, and is much shorter than Lord X-Giga-X's. His skin is the same color as a typical Caucasian male. Both of his eyes are blue.

His clothes, while similar to Lord X-Giga-X's attire, have notable differences:

  • He has converted the shirt into a sleeveless jacket, under which he wore a blue striped shirt. This shirt was later replaced with a black shirt with a "G" rotated 90 degrees. One of the sleeves were ripped off and uses as a towel.
  • He wears only one fingerless glove in comparison to Lord X-Giga-X wearing two. The reason why he does so is unknown.
  • He wears sandals in place of boots.


Beef SummoningEdit

As a result of using the magic vending machine, Giag gained the power to summon beef. While he normally uses this power to summon food for him to eat, he has on one occasion used this to distract his opponent in battle.

Cult HistoryEdit

After Giag was brought into reality, he was kicked out of Giga's lab. He retured to Giga's lab several days later (near the beginning of the CoU fanfiction storyline), requesting a place to stay. Giga allowed it, and the next day Giag was initiated into the Cult.

Since then, Giag had made minor appearances in the cult history until he saved Gaga from commiting suicide. The next day, he awoke to having gained the ability of cryomancy, which he used on Gaga that same day during her initiation.


  • Giag's initation is one of two initiations that have never been previously discussed, as the only witness was Lord X-Giga-X, who kept full details of the initiation top secret.
  • Giag carries around a yo-yo with two G's imprinted on it. It is unknown where he got the yo-yo, though he imprinted the G's himself.