An Initiation to the Cult of Ustream is an event which determines whether a person is allowed to become a Cultist or not. Initiations usually take place upon any given person's first entrance to the Cult Headquarters. The person who is being initiated is told to select a weapon by the host of the initiation, and are taken to the Colosseum. From there, the host will introduce the contender to an opponent of the host's choosing, and a battle will take place.

Should the contender win this fight, they will be granted entrance to the Cult of Ustream as a full-fledged Cultist, allowing them to join the ranks and let their powers manifest.

Notable InitiationsEdit

  • Shadow's initiation was a "One-Hit Knockout" style victory, as he chose a calculator as his weapon of choice, divided by zero and threw it at his opponent - a Behemoth - completely obliterating it in the process.
  • Giag's initiation has absolutely no detail whatsoever made public, with Lord X-Giga-X - the only known witness - keeping all details of said initiation to himself.
  • Darkmaster's initiation is one-of-a-kind in the fact it is the only known initiation to date to initiate two cultists at the same time with one not even present. He had taken Jack's shape, and ever since then they had both been considered cultists even though Jack was absent from his half of the initiation.