Johion` Len


The Beatlegods/ The high order of gods




Rion: Older Brother

Pauion: Younger Brother

Georion: Youngest Brother

Areonie: Creator

Kryo: Student/ Adoptive son.


The Mystic West


Johion` Len (Joh-ee-on, Leh-ne) Is the sky serpent god of Love and an ally to the Cult of Ustream. He was also Kryo's master for 6 months in the Mystic West. He made big appearences in the Beatlegod arc as the very sarcastic and sassy god who joked around.


Johion can be described as a very happy and strong god who has good ties with the human race. At times, he acts very sarcastic, sassy, smart, and nice. When angered, however, he could act very asertive and rude.


The begining of the Beatlegod arc, The nightmare chamber.

Johion` made his first and very unnoticable appearance in the nightmare chamber chatplay with Rion when Giag was in there. At that Chatplay, Johion acted very similar to Rion- Taking the role as his "Cold hearted brother." But after that, Johion got to know Giag and the cult better, and eventually took on the role of protecting two cult members from any harm.

Middle of the Beatlegod arc, Taking in Kryo.

Johion` didn't make much appearances during this time. The only appearance was when he took in young Kryo to train in the Mystic West. Where Kryo spent 6 months of his life getting over his fears and becoming a perfect fighter. Johion even had asperations to keep Kryo as his assistant because he was "Adorable."

End of the Beatlegod arc, Betraying Rion.

At the time when Rion gained incredible power from Areonie, Johion` sensed his brother's overpowerment. And by the rules of the Beatlegods, Whoever is more powerful among the group- Must obey their every comand. Thus, having Johion` to take orders from Rion. Eventually combining with him to create Rioncoune.

However, this didn't last long when Rion was put down by Dark and Shadow. Once Hollow (The god of reality) began to consume him into nothing, Johion` turned Rion down by refusing to help him. After that, Johion` was never seen again.


1. When Johion` transforms to his human form, He turns into the Sargent Pepper version of John Lennon. But with Green eyes instead of brown.

2. Johion` Len is another spelling of John Lennon, Thus earning him the rank of a Beatlegod.

3. There have been at least 2 meetings between Johion` Len and John Lennon. Both not ending in paradox related ends.

Quotes by Johion`Edit

"No, Rion. I've helped you too much for too long. You may be my brother, but I wont acept to take orders from a monster who killed two preacous beings of mine. Away with you, Foul Serpent." - Johion in The Edge.

" But hes ADORABLE!" - Johion` trying to persuade Giag to let him keep Kryo.