Members must pass a sometimes harsh initiation in order to become a member of the cult. The following have passed their initiation and are the members of the Cult of Ustream as recorded here.

Leader: Kudamon

Administrators: Lord X-Giga-X, She's a Witch!

Moderators: Starrmalia, Ziolang Hirasu

Cultists: TheFallenOne, TheStudious13th, CrazEmaster101, Stichez, Ziebart, TheSidewaysMan, Snookiepook, skidoosh642, Dr. McLolcat, Fangking Omega, Darkmaster, Rayzer, Shadow27, Stallord Twilit Fossil, Eebit, Jasper the Otter

Dragon Allies: Deathstorm, Mimring, Grodisflare, Cosmic Meteor Dexus, Shockwing, Trojan, Vulcani, Terra, Thrym, Fricai, Flameheart, Hana, Stormshaper, Starlight, Vera, Ti-Fang

Human Allies: Blaine

Other Allies: Jack, Jude, Barky, Gaga, Giag, Kryo, Hexidos Oro, Elli, Galiagh