Morika Roseasilmillään is the first born of the 23rd generation of the Rosea Monarchy and the main villain of the Nocturne Arc and makes a brief cameo in pre-BGA times prior to his escape from Netherworld Estancia.

History Edit


Powers Edit

Nocturnal Manipulation: The ability to control darkness around his area and manipulate shadows. He can create shadow beings of anyone he wants, and also can use this to cause internal harm to one by using it to suck out the light in one. Although, that is only a possible ability. Morika learned this at his time in the Netherworld, Estancia.

Advanced Cryomancy: A little more than cryomancy, Morika can often change the colour of ice to his wishes which have different effects and damage. He can create Red ice, Peyan's gray ice, and Black ice.

Neuromanipulation: A much stronger form of Neuromancy that is mainly strong in completely controlling one's mind fairly quickly and has even showed that it can cause brain-erasing. But this power was proved to be defeatable more than once.

Neuro-Qi Puppeting: Learned from Nocturne Aira when he barely met her in the island of Croi. This ability is very sensitive, but effective. It give Morika the ability to extract qi from a pressure point of his victim's body (Most targeted point is the neck or spinal cord), and manipulate unwanted movements to that said victim- Like a puppet. For advanced users like Nocturne Aira, this can also let the user extract certain abilities from the human puppet, but unfortunately, it only lasts a small while unless the connection is disrupted.

Advanced forms Edit

Peacock Psydrake Form: As the term says, this form is a much darker form of the legendary peacock fire dragon. Standing size at about 7 stories high. Wing length as long as 2 football fields. Only enhancements in this form is increased reactions and very powerful mind manipulation, dracomancy and serpentmancy.

Rion`/Morika Form: This form is basically a splice between the spirit of Rion` and Morika. No actual physical change is seen, but a huge red form of aura is around Morika, shaped as the crimson red god serpent we all know and hate. Only differences noticed is black eyes, no expressions, and loss of judgement.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Morika was originally planned to be a girl. But was set as a male since Nocturne Aira was already the first(?) female villain.

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