Nocturne is a nocturnal knight from a distant universe. And has been shown to be a hitman in the Nocturne arc. Not much is known about her, but she is believed to be very powerful.





Nocturnal fleet, Against the cult.




She is rather cold and crude, as well as cocky. She seems to lack emotions all together, yet, She could fake emotions so well- That it is 100% believeable.


Special abilitiesEdit

Puppetry: The ablility to control one's body and state of mind, simply by a string of aura. Requires another certain power to make it more effective.

Psycho-Bond: The ability to bond with a person psychologically and share their power.

Spirit arms: Arms made of unknown power that sprout from her ribs, letting her control more than one puppet at a time.

Dracomancy: Oddly enough, Nocturne's dracomancy is high leveled and very strong. An 8 out of 10 in the scale.

Shapeshifting: The ability to shift into anyone she wants.

Mattershifting: The ability to shift from a solid to a gas to a liquid, ETC

Time Travel: She has the ability to travel in time.


Nova Chaff: A burst of power enabling her to stun her enemies during battle. This lasts about 5 seconds.

Uni-Chaff: A burst of green and white light that enables nocturne to hide herself from being tracked in any way possible. Also boosts her stamina.

Switch chaff: This enables her to use the powers of her puppets. And modify them to her liking.

Dynama chaff: A chaff used to kill off any puppet she wants, and to gain their power.

Regular attacksEdit

Dark energy: The ability to control dark energy at her will.

Melodic mind control: The ability to temporarily control someone on the spot. Usually requires her voice to be on key in order to work.

High frequency distortion: The ability to change the frequency field around herself. Mostly causing her enemies to become very vunerable. She could use this to also distort one's brainwave frequency to her liking.

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