Pauion` McCarth (Pouh-ee-on) is the sky serpent god of luck, and is considered the lowest rank of the four Beatlegods. Although he is a low rank, he is said to be more powerful than Rion`. Pauion` has very good ties with the Cult, even asking them to take him in as a cultist.


Pauion` is rather pessimistic and wimpy, as described by Rion` and Georion`, and is often pushed around by his older siblings. Pauion` is also very quiet and mature, as well as polite with others; even showing instances of curious behaviour when it came to humans.


The Beginning of the Beatlegod ArcEdit

Pauion` only made a brief cameo when Gaga went to visit Johion` in the Mystic West. Pauion` only commented on his "job" as a god, saying that he is a poor, poor god in need of a better job.

The Middle of the Beatlegod ArcEdit

Pauion` at this point of the Beatlegod arc made his first complete appearance when he travelled to the Cult of Ustream's Headquarters and began to circle around it, causing many members to freak out. After Pauion` explained why he came there, Pauion` told the cult that it would be awesome if he could join the cult. But he was denied, which didn't seem to bother Pauion` at all.

The End of the Beatlegod ArcEdit

Like the other 3 Beatlegods, Pauion` was forced to combine with Rion to form Rioncoune. But once Georion` broke off from Rioncoune (And forming a leaving trend with the other two.), Pauion` was suddenly sick and tired of Rion`, and even told him off by saying that hes tired of being used and picked on.

Once Rion` asked Pauion` to help him, Pauion` told him that he would rather eat Cereal than to help the likes of him.


  • Pauion` is often seen on the roof of HQ with Jase, talking about how much chaos bugs them.
  • Pauion` McCarth is another spelling of Paul McCartney.
  • Pauion` can transform into his human form, which is the Sargent Pepper version of Paul McCartney.
  • Pauion` has only had one encounter with Paul McCartney at Lord X-Giga-X's birthday party. Pauion` and Paul commented on each other's looks, and Pauion` even said "NICE BASS" in which Paul responded "NICE SCALES." They somehow knew who each other were, but never said anything about it. This encounter didn't cause a paradox endangerment.
  • Pauion` somehow knows the Cereal joke of Organization G-X.

Quotes by Pauion`Edit

"Well, I'm the god of luck. I'm poor as heck, So don't expect me to do my job perfectly."- Pauion` commenting on his Job status.

"I'll rather eat Cereal than to help the likes of you, Rion`." - Pauion` making an odd remark to Rion` at The Edge.