The Plated Firedrake(Latin name Draco Ignus Loricatus) is a descendent of the Firedrake, a species of dragon currently believed to be extinct.


Plated Firedrakes get their name from the thick mithril plates on their back, neck, tail, and limbs. These plates are light but strong, allowing the species to keep their protection while also enabling these dragons to show their speed and agility in flight. Coupled with their lean, slender build and large wingspan, this makes the Plated Firedrake the fastest breed of armored dragon currently in Euthora. Plated Firedrakes have long, swept-back horns and vibrantly colored fans just under their ears. Their legs and tail carry blades, and a row of long, thin spines runs down their back and tail, which sports two hard metallic rings that seperate the tail into thirds. The eyes of this species are round-pupilled and slightly luminous, visible even in the dark. They can be nearly any scale color, though most often metallic.


Like all Firedrake species, the Plated Firedrake originated when the Firedrake popultion took a sharp dive due to loss of territory and humanoids killing them off. In this case, it was the Armored Wyvern that the Firedrake bred with, giving this species the armored plates and wingspan it is known for.


Plated Firedrakes prefer temperate mountains, usually inland but near a source of water. They have average-sized territories and will chase out any intruder they feel is a threat.


Slightly less social than most species, the hatchling males often fight to the death for dominance of the nest. Usually all but one male is killed in the struggle, though at times the parents have been known to stop the battle in favor of having more eyes to watch for danger. The hatchlings stay with their parents for about ten years, then leave to establish their own territory. These young adults wander, usually leading solitary lives, until settling in an empty territory or chasing out its current resident. Upon reaching around thirty years of age, the males restlessly wander outside of their territories in search of a female to court. If successful, the male will follow the female until the pair settle together and mate. This pair usually stays together as they raise their offspring throughout the years, and mate for life.


The Plated Firedrake's main powers come from its Firedrake ancestry- they are immune to fire and often hold a little command over the element themselves, such as Mimring's signature ability, Spectrum Firebreath. However, as a mostly defensive species, individuals rarely carry any other abilities.