Sinnoh, Prof. Severus Snape


Cult of Ustream

Cult Rank



Dinomancy, Mammothmancy, Limited Dracomancy



Sev is a relatively new member of the Cult of Ustream who is supposedly a human with the ability to transform into a dinosaur. He has stated that he is possibly over 100,000 years old as a dinosaur, but a mere 14 as a human.


Sev is a human, with long, dark, black hair, that stretches down to his shoulders. His face is quite smooth, though his hands are always covered in dirt. He likes to wear a blue jacket over his white shirt. His trousers are always green.


A certain community of cavemen discovered some dinosaur genes and they had a draw on who would take the genes. So Sev drew the shortest straw and they, with their limited brains, unsuccessfully transformed Sev into a dinosaur, instead of a hybrid. He never knew how to turn back into a human until 1,000 years later, by which time they were dead.



Sev can control dinosaurs and let them do his work for him.


Since Sev was unsuccessfully created by cavemen, he has the power to control mammoths, but only in his human form.


See main article: Dracomancy In his dinosaur form, he can control certain dragons, as long as they are wildbreeds.


  • Initially, Sev wielded Harry Potter-styled magic as a power in his first Initiation. This caused Kudamon to enforce a strict magic ban on the Cult due to the nature of the magic and the way it was used.
    • The magic ban was later lifted after a lengthy discussion between Kudamon, and Ziolang, among other members.

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