She's a Witch!


Missingno.7-4468, MN, Nate, Natuson


Cult of Ustream

Cult Rank



Control of technology, control of glitchiness, Spontaneous Combustion of Others



"She's a witch", commonly known by his real name, Nate, is an admin of the Cult of Ustream and a well-respected member. He was a friend of Kudamon's before the creation of the cult, and has remained so.


Nate has quite a duplicitous appearance, as his form never stays in one shape, but rather changes constantly. However, his general appearance is almost never anything but medium-set, medium-height, though that is the most one could say about it.


Nate's powers stem from many influences. One is his more recent username, "She's a Witch," where he gets the ability to spontaneously combust others. Most of the inspiration though, comes from his previous username, "Missingno.7-4468".

  • Control of Technology: Nate is able to control any type of technology, though this cannot affect things affiliated with technology. This is best illestrated by his ability to control computers, but he cannot alter his terrible internet connection.
  • Control of Glitchiness: For lack of a better term, nate is able to control glitches, whether brought on by himself or otherwise.
    • "Glitch Beam": This ability is culminated into a special ability he calls a "Glitch Beam". It is a ray of purple and green that is shot from his hand, and immediately glitches up whatever it hits, causing it to change form much like him.
  • Spontaneous Combustion of Others: This, in short, is the ability to catch others on fire. Rarely used compared to his other powers.


His only important possession is his laptop, which is strangely just a foldable screen. He claims that the only reason it is foldable is so the screen will not be scratched. The only way to operate this laptop is through the ability to control technology.


Nate was one of the original members of the Cult, and was the third admin, behind Kudamon and Lord X-Giga-X. He was also the second member to receive an Initiation behind Kudamon, and like Kudamon, was there to simply test out the new colloseum.


  • He was one of the two members to vote for Kuda as the leader of the Cult.