Sky Serpents (Latin name Caeli spatium temporis serpens [Long name due to change]) are a special breed of reptiles known for their advanced social tendencies, orders, incredible intellect, strange dialect, and mysterious abilities of time and space manipulation. These serpent-like creatures mostly inhabit Mantua's mountains and high hills, but some have a tendency to migrate into other lands. Their descendants are Licerden Serpents and Naval Serpents.


Sky serpents originally come in two scale colour types such as Red and Blue. These colours vary by every individual serpent, and sometimes with each individual, they come in different shades such as green, midnight purple, and dark gold.

These creatures are known to posses plate-like scales on their spine which extend to their tail's tip, and these back plates are often vital for a Sky serpent's flight mainly because these plates are aerodynamic and help a sky serpent rise and descend in flight and also accelerate and slow down by a simple thought. These back plates are usually the same colour of a sky serpent's scales, and also have a tendency to rise quickly when a sky serpent is aggravated or in fear.

Sky serpents also have two long horns on the sides of their head which also work as senses since they posses a high concentration of sensitive nerve endings. These horns are used by sky serpents to detect air-flow direction and air disturbances such as a sudden shift in a breeze or anything else. It is said that if these horns were to be cut off from a serpent, they could not fly.

Also, there are four flexible and thin membranes attached to their backs which are actually their wings. These "wings" serve as leverage in open space or in any other environment where gravity isn't present, also, these membranes also generate eon energy in order to form "Eon wings" which help sky serpents fly in gravity-applied areas such as planets. In addition to those wings, sky serpents posses two sturdy leg-like spikes near the base of their tail which serves as leverage while being on land and also aid them into standing tall against enemies. These legs are believed to be a small genetic imprint that they had much before their evolution, suggesting that those legs used to be either lizard legs or dragon legs at one point.


Sky serpents are believed to have descended from Celeroyale Serpents: an ancient sky serpent race. Also, Sky serpents are closely related to Royale Sky serpents, but aren't very much the same.




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