Stormshaper is a Gray dragon under the ownership of Jason.

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Stormshaper is sleek, very serpentine, with a snakelike head and narrow but powerful wings. His scales are slate gray and his wing membranes are black as night, whereas his eyes are a vibrant lightning-yellow. Triangular spikes run down his back to his arrowhead tail, starting between his two black, ridged horns. He is commonly seen with a miniature thundercloud in his right front claw. However, despite his fierce appearance, he is actually rather small for a dragon.


Stormshaper is calm and quiet, often serving- or trying to serve- as the mediator when a conflict erupts between two members or dragons of the cult. He grows irritated with the seemingly constant bickering but still tries to help; however he is easily swayed and may make a conflict worse when he starts to take one side over the other. He is fiercely loyal to his master and slightly afraid of Fricai, Starlight, and Lord X-Giga-X. He nurses an affection for Hana.



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  • Control of the Weather: Gray dragons are also known as Storm or Fog dragons. They are so called because they can control the weather, and Stormshaper is no exception. He finds this ability to be useless because two other dragons in the cult alone, Deathstorm and Zephyr, can do this as well.


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  • Stormshaper was originally not meant to be canon.
  • Stormshaper was taken from the roleplay A Broken Legend.