Ustream is an extremely large (at least in comparison to its Touhou equivalent Gensokyo), mainly forested region sealed off from its planet at points by the Ustream Border, which is a powerful boundary manifested and maintained by the Diclonius known as Shadow Version 27. Many species of animal and hominid, both mythical and real, make their homes here, quite a few of which are lodging in the eponymous Cult of Ustream Headquarters both full- and part-time. The terrain ranges from the as-of-yet unnamed mountain ranges in the west to the Eastern Forest in the east, as well as entrances to various subrealms like the Hole of Ultimate Doom and the Demon World, as well as an independent, omnipresent world created by the Godspawn Jude currently known simply as Hammerspace. To the north of Ustream is the land of Durasken, while the west is open ocean with a few scattered islands. Common outside contacts include Finlandia and Mantua, the worlds of the Rosea Monarchy and Sky Serpents, respectively.

Races of Ustream Edit

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Residents Edit

  • Shadow, the Diclonius in charge of the Ustream Border.
  • Lord X-Giga-X, an absurdly powerful manipulator of darkness, and several of his dragons.
  • Jason, the cult leader. A very strong vampiric Shapeshifter, Dracomancer and Ki manipulator (trained under Dark).
  • Eebit, a living nuclear reactor of sorts, as well as an alchemist.
  • Dark, a powerful Lycan manipulator of Ki as well as a Time Manipulator of reasonable strength. Acts as a sort of gatekeeper at the Cult Headquarters.
  • Starr, A member of the Exo-Eon monarch and the royale sky serpent in charge of guarding the Exo-Eon dimensional rip located just outside HQ at her hill- Which connects Outer and Central Mantua to Euthora and the region of Ustream. She also dedicates her time as the Cult health physician and medicine specialist.
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