Zephyrus(also known as Zephyr or Zeph by the Cultists and Zephy by Deathstorm) is a young Shadow Drake and the son of Deathstorm and Flameheart. His egg was given to Kudamon by Deathstorm, who said he couldn't keep the egg.



Zephyr's personality is rather typical for any young dragon- he keeps the hyper playfulness of his hatchling days, but has matured noticeably. He can also be a bit of a show-off, especially around Rye, for whom he nurses a slight crush. Whenever he is bested while trying to show off, he's prone to a minor random burst of annoyed anger. He holds a high respect for his father, and (almost) always obeys him.


Fighting StyleEdit


Manipulation of Wind: Zephyr can control wind and all aspects of it, even the weather. This power is inherited from Deathstorm.

Manipulation of Dark Energy: Being a Shadow Drake lives up to the name- Zephyr has power over darkness, using it the same way his father does.

Manipulation of Fire: Zephyr can call and command fire.

Shadow Bond: Like all Shadow Drakes, Zephyr gains power when others of his species are near.

Strengths and ImmunitiesEdit

Weaknesses and FearsEdit